Time Out Magazine No 1115 1992 Greta Scacchi Anouk Grinberg Garry Marshall

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Time Out Magazine No 1115 1992 Greta Scacchi Anouk Grinberg Garry Marshall
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1115 1992 January 1-8 Greta Scacchi Anouk Grinberg Garry Marshall

Jon Ronson's Diary Eight Days A Weakling.
5 Opening Shots The coming week in focus.
6 News Plus Sidelines.
8 Continental Drift How Euro-conscious are you? Discover the result of our readers' survey, find out what happens to the money London gives to the Eurocrats and hitch a lift on the Euro-MP gravy train with our news team. 10
To The Devil His Dudes 12 Hang loose dudes, that all-singing, all-American and totally non-heinous duo Bill and Ted are back in a new adventure. So how come the director's from Brighton? asks Dominic Wells. Highland Fling 14 As an on-screen adulteress, Greta Scacchi has no rival. Off-screen, though, different passions motivate her, as Brian Case finds out on location for her new film, 'Salt on Our Skin'. The Hit Man 18 Garry Marshall is the golden boy of American light entertainment. Alex McGregor meets him over in LA as he puts the finishing touches to his latest film project, `Frankie and Johnny', starring Al Pacino and Michelle Pfeiffer.
Merci Killing Anouk Grinberg is young, French and beautiful. After the success of Bertrand Blier's `Merci La Vie', she's also going to be very famous. Anita Chaudhuri finds out why.
20 Blood And Sand Over in the Namibian desert, 'Hardware' 22


Dodge the crowds, save money and have fun. See page 30.

Richard Stanley: after 'Hardware', 'Dust Devil'.
director Richard Stanley is dealing with exploding heads, a dune werewolf and human entrails for his next film, 'Dust Devil'. Tom Gawanab-Minney dodges the buckets of blood. Tricks And Treats 24 Allen Robertson meets Jeff McBride, a magician whose shows mix the spooky with Kabuki and who'll shortly be performing in London as part of the International Mime Festival.
Up In Alms 26 Two new BBC dramas take charity fundraising as their theme. But their approach couldn't be more different, as Mark Sanderson reports.
Meat The Folks 28 The black comedy 'Delicatessen' is one of those films that give butchers a bad name. Geoff Andrew, our man with the meat cleaver, takes issue with the film's two young directors.
Offers 137 Free film tickets; win a weekend break in Brussels; win a copy of 'British Olympians'. Last Word 138 Letters and The Wimp. .

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