Time Out Magazine No 1121 1992 Rupert Everett Shakespear's Sister Valentine Spec

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Time Out Magazine No 1121 1992 Rupert Everett Shakespear's Sister Valentine Spec
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1121 1992 Rupert Everett Shakespear's Sister Valentine Special

February 2-19
The complete guide to the next eight days in London
Jon Ronson's Diary 5 Down on a hippy commune with our very own Reconstructed Man. Opening Shots 6 The next eight days in pictures. News 8 Plus Sidelines. Roofless Ambition 12 Finding a job and a home are the two biggest problems for young people in London. A French idea promises to tackle both. Catherine Pepinster reports on the new work houses. Valentine's Special: Love For Sale 14 Heartache, sleepless nights and a king-sized hole in your wallet. Anita Chaudhuri plays the dating game, and prices up a few Valentine's ideas, while Maria Lexton meets the agony aunts, the women who mend broken hearts for a living. Valentine's Special: Brothers And Cisterns 16 What on earth is a Reconstructed Man? Would you want one in your home? Will he make a mess on the carpet? Take the toilet test with Elaine Paterson and find out. Valentine's Special: Rupert The Bare 18 Rupert Everett, leading lovey heart-throb, is back. As an author. His book is called 'Hello Darling, Are You Working?'. Could it be as bad as it sounds, asks Anita Chaudhuri. Double Deutsch 20 Suzi Feay trails Shakespear's Sister across Germany, as Siobhan and Marcella clamber aboard the great publicity bandwagon for their new album, 'Hormonally Yours'. Riot Act 23 'Underbelly' is a grimly realistic prison drama, aiming to expose the brutality of our 'medieval' prison system. Tina Ogle meets the cast and writer on location at Armagh Jail. Offers 153 Free film tickets; win a set of action movies on video or a set of 52 classic jazz CDs. Last Word 154 Letters and The Wimp.
Sell Out
News 25 Vivienne Westwood sponsors a beauty contest. Kylie Sanderson reports.
Undie Achievers 26 Girdles and glamour are back, androgyny is out. Kylie Sanderson goes undie-cover in the lingerie department. Buylines 27 Shops and sales.
Food 29 Caroline Stacey on the capital's new restaurants. Puppy Love 33 Jeremy Leslie meets Spanish design's top dog.
Cover Design Jeremy Leslie Photograph: Visuel Flowers: Chivers of Charlotte Street
Time In
Aerial Views 134 News and gossip, plus this week's TV films at a glance.
TV And Radio Guide 136 Eight days of TV, and complete Radio 4 listings.
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