Time Out Magazine No 1238 May 11-18 1994 Christopher Walken Priscilla Presley Nicol Williamson

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Time Out Magazine No 1238 May 11-18 1994 Christopher Walken Priscilla Presley Nicol Williamson

Time Out No 1238 May 11-18  1994 

Hotshots 4 Six pages of gossip, trends and highlights for the coming week. Featuring our man Ronson, our mole Sidelines, London lines and Dispatches. Edited by Elaine Paterson. News 11 Plus Martin Rowson. Loony Binned? 14 Hot on the heels of its local election wins, the new-look Left is launching a glossy news-stand magazine. Yvette Sitten asks if the '80s Loony image in London is finally dead and buried. Eager Beaver 17 What's a nice Method actress like Priscilla Presley doing in those nasty 'Naked Gun' films? As the third in the cop caper series hits town, Brian Case finds out why she keeps coming back for more. Dark Star 18 Since his Oscar for 'The Deer Hunter', Christopher Walken's screen career has taken a distinctly sinister turn. Torn Charity meets the man who's cornered the Hollywood market in baddies. Country Club 22 Brace yourself for a Country music invasion this month as Nashville's top stars head for the Royal Albert Hall. In retaliation, we packed Jim Driver off to Nashville to find out what the fuss is about. Gracious Goodness 26 What Christopher Walken is to baddies, actor Douglas Hodge is to good guys, with heroic roles in TV's `Middlemarch' and now 'Pericles' at the National. Jane Edwardes plumbs his hidden depths. Papa Nicol 28 After 15 years' absence epic actor Nicol Williamson is pouring his all into a comeback show about stage genius, John Barrymore. Brian Case has an audience with the wild man of the theatre. Offers 169 The second and final part of our mobile-phone competition; free film tickets for The Premonition' win a slap-up Cajun meal for two or a copy of classic thriller 'Z' on video. Last Word 170 Letters and The Wimp. 
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Cover Story Beauty Spots 29 Turn over, tune up and drop off with our guide to pampering yourself fitter.  Food 36 Caroline Stacey tucks in at the capital's newest restaurants. Buys And Bargains 38 All the latest openings, plus jumbles and shop news. 
International Agenda 39 How to pass the time in Paris, make waves in Madrid, and 'ave a laugh in Amsterdam. 
Cover Design: Jeremy Leslie Photograph: Aquarius Picture Library 

To this day Time Out magazine continues to provide information to make the most of living in London - from comedy nights, art galleries, classic clubs and old-school caffs to shops & markets, film houses, theatre's, pubs & bars, small music gigs, concerts, clubs, cabaret, poetry readings etc. Time Out London magazine covers just about everything happening in London at the time of issue.

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