Time Out Magazine No 1239 1994 May 18-25 The Highs & lows of Drugs Special Issue

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Time Out Magazine No 1239 1994 May 18-25 The Highs & lows of Drugs Special Issue
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1239 1994 Special Issue features.

May 18-25
The complete guide to the next eight days in London Hotshots 4 Six pages of gossip, trends and highlights for the coming week. Featuring our man Ronson, our mole Sidelines, London lives and Dispatches. Edited by Elaine Paterson. News 11 Plus Martin Rowson. Drugs High Anxiety 12 How much is London's drugs problem costing you? As the number of users increases, so does the burden on the health service, the police and HM Customs, all of which are paid for by your taxes. Drugs Readers' Survey 18 Three weeks ago, we asked you to share your experience and opinion of drugs with us. Anita Chaudhuri reveals the surprising results of your replies. Drugs Postcards From The Edge 20 What really happens to you when you take drugs? Five intrepid explorers of the psyche record their experiences while they're 'on one'. Chet Baker, before and after Drugs Smack, Tackle And Bop 26 When Kurt Cobain joined that 'stupid club', he was the latest in a line of drug casualties that began with the jazz junkies of long ago. Brian. Case recalls those who blew their minds more than their horns as we ask, can this particular deal with the devil ever give you soul? Offers 177 Hang out with the biggest nobs in the music biz at Virgin's twenty-first birthday bash; see Frank Drebin in action in the latest 'Naked Gun' film ; win tickets to the Fleadh. Last Word 178 Letters and The Wimp. Sell Out Drugs Users' Guide 29 Pick of the Week 157 From caffeine to ketamine, from E TV gossip and our pick of the to GHB, we reveal the highs and week's viewing. the lows of everything you're ever likely to be offered (plus toads). Aerial views 158 Broadcast news, plus TV sport, Buys And Bargains 38 Cinefile, radio frequencies and all All the latest bright ideas, plus the week's network TV films sales, shop talk and the best of this summer's top travel deals. at a glance. Food 39 TV and radio guide 160 Want a bit more than two pints of lager and a packet of crisps? Wednesday 18 160 Thursday 19 162 Caroline Stacey samples the latest in new pub cuisine. Friday 20 164 International Agenda 42 Saturday 21 166 Paris, New York, Berlin... check out what's on around the world. Sunday 22 168 Monday 23 170 Tuesday 24 172 Wednesday 25 174 Cover Design: Jeremy Leslie Photography: Richard Dean Video and games 174 This Week Around Town/Visitors Art Books Children Clubs Comedy Dance Film Gay Music: Rock Music: Places Music: Classical Politics Sport Student London Theatre Classifieds

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