Time Out Magazine No 1250 1994 August 3-10 Jim Carrey interview Arnold Schwarzenegger Eddi Reader

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Time Out Magazine No 1250 1994 August 3-10 Jim Carrey interview Arnold Schwarzenegger Eddi Reader
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1250 1994 this Issue features

August 3-10
The complete guide to the next eight days in London Hotshots 4 Featuring the best comedy on offer in Edinburgh, film-maker John Greyson, London's markets, gossip from Sidelines and the further adventures of Jon Ronson. Edited by Elaine Paterson. News 11 Plus Martin Rowson. Desperate Dans 12 Fear of crime has led to a boom in martial arts training, but what happens when the master practitioner turns out to be a master fraud? Tony Thompson and Stewart Hennessey report. Rattle And Strum 14 In the era of nosebleed techno and grunge, who needs winsome balladeers? Peter Paphides and Laura Lee Davies explain why Eddi Reader and Jay Fisher are singer-songwriters with an edge. Cover Story Big Bang Theory 16 Arnold Schwarzenegger is back with 'True Lies', a James Bond style adventure with $120 million worth of explosions and effects. Steve Goldman meets the last action hero. Jim Carrey On Laughing 18 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' catapulted rubber-faced comic Jim Carrey to stardom. Alex McGregor meets the man with the biggest teeth in Hollywood to talk about his new film, 'The Mask'. Latin Lessons 22 Matinee idol smoothie Marcello Mastroianni is still at it at 70 — in his new film he plays the lover of a teenage girl. Geoff Andrew and Jane Hoodless talk to the grand old man of Italian cinema. Turns For The Better 24 Edinburgh alert! James Christopher previews theatre at the Festival and the Fringe and discovers that epics are in fashion this year. Offers 153 Win a Shakespearean epic on video; see Alex Cox's latest movie for free; nab a Short BAC and Sides comedy pass and a double ticket for the Reading Festival. Last Word 154 Letters and The Wimp. Sell Out Time In News 25 Andrew Tuck investigates a shopfront row in Chinatown. Pick of the Week 133 TV gossip and our pick of the week's viewing. Edinburgh Guide 26 Fancy a trip to the Edinburgh Festival this month? We check out what to do and how to eat and drink the night away as London breaks for the border. Aerial views 134 Broadcast news, plus TV sport, Cinefile, radio frequencies and all the week's TV films at a glance. TV and radio guide 136 Buys And Bargains 31 All the summer sales, plus getaways, shop news and jumbles. Wednesday 3 136 Thursday 4 138 Friday 5 140 Food 33 Caroline Stacey has a cuppa at London's cutting-edge caffs. Saturday 6 142 Sunday 7 144 International Agenda 36 What's on around the world. Monday 8 146 Tuesday 9 148 Cover design: Jeremy Leslie Illustration: Robert Price Wednesday 10 150 Video and games 150 This Week Around Town/Visitors 37 Art 41 Books 45 Children 48 Clubs 49 Comedy 53 Dance 58 Film 60 Gay 83 Music: Rock 85 Music: Places 100 Music: Classical 102 Politics 104 Sport 104 Theatre 106 Classifieds 117

To this day Time Out magazine continues to provide information to make the most of living in London – from comedy nights, art galleries, classic clubs and old-school caffs to shops & markets, film houses, theatre's, pubs & bars, small music gigs, concerts, clubs, cabaret, poetry readings etc. Time Out London magazine covers just about everything happening in London at the time of issue. Our Ref: Back Issues Box 3

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