Time Out Magazine No 1276 1995 Arthur Smith Natural Born Killers Oliver Stone

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Time Out Magazine No 1276 1995 Arthur Smith Natural Born Killers Oliver Stone
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1276 February 1-8 1995 Arthur Smith, Natural Born/Killers Oliver Stone.

The complete guide to the next eight days in London
Hotshots 4 This week's action-packed pages feature London Lines on statuary, Dispatches from Paris and Ray Baskerville putting the butoh in. Plus, Miranda Sawyer goes bingo. Edited by Elaine Paterson. News 10 Plus Martin Rowson. Second Class Males 12 The modern world may be ruled by men, but when it comes to living, women have the last laugh, with a significantly longer life expectancy. Is poor healthcare for men partly to blame? Julian Kossoff investigates. Rewrites And Wrongs 15

The Buccaneers' is the latest literary adaptation to hit the BBC, but are these classic drama serials taking too many liberties with the source material? Elaine Paterson investigates. Bard Of Ale 16
After 'An Evening with Gary Lineker', Arthur Smith is bringing 'Live Bed Show' to the West End stage. James Christopher shares some pillow talk and a pint with the comedian turned playwright. Cover Story Blood From A Stone 18 `Natural Born Killers' has been praised for its visual pyrotechnics, condemned for inspiring copycat killings, and initially denied a certificate by British censors. With the film's release finally looming, Tom Charity quizzes director Oliver Stone about madness, mayhem and murder. Sound And Fury 24 Talk Radio UK launches next week, promising to inflict a plethora of American-style 'shock jocks' on delicate British ears. But can it really get away with it? Sid Smith thinks not. Offers 169 We're going travel-mad this week, with a fantastic return flight to anywhere in the world to be won, plus a top-notch rucksack and some great Penguin travel-books.
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News 27 Jane Bartlett reports on the Islington New Year's Eve party that ended up as a fiasco.

To this day Time Out magazine continues to provide information to make the most of living in London - from comedy nights, art galleries, classic clubs and old-school caffs to shops & markets, film houses, theatre's, pubs & bars, small music gigs, concerts, clubs, cabaret, poetry readings etc. Time Out London magazine covers just about everything happening in London at the time of issue. Our Ref: Back Issues Box 2

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