Time Out Magazine No 1314 1995 October 25-November 1 Van Peebles Kenneth Branagh Ralph Fiennes

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Time Out Magazine No 1314 1995 October 25-November 1 Van Peebles Kenneth Branagh Ralph Fiennes
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1314 1995 Van Peebles, Kenneth Branagh, Ralph Fiennes ....Contents as follows. Hotshots
Flashbacks: Rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky.
London lines: The metropolis's squalid secrets.
Dispatches: Meeting the mafia in the capital of Latvia.
Plus: Mail-order brides in 'Abundance', Miranda Sawyer
meets the porn brokers, plus double scoops and hot
sauce from Sidelines. Edited by James Christopher.
Fist drive: The tragic death of James Murray has
renewed calls to ban boxing. But if that simply drives
the sport underground, won't the dangers be greater?
Tony Thompson goes out and a bout to find out.
Manifesto: David Aitkenhead of the Dangerous Sports
Club says life is dull if you don't take risks.
Plus: Fast and Loose, and all the week's news.
16 LFF Special: 'Strange Days'
Our special film festival preview begins in four years' time,
with the millennial nightmare, 'Strange Days', where there's
nothing virtual about reality. Tom Charity asks director
Kathryn Bigelow about the film of the century, while our own
readers' poll reveals the best films of the last 100 years.
19 LFF Special: Kenneth Branagh
First his 'Frankenstein' failed, then his marriage did too.
Now, Kenneth Branagh's back with the luwie story 'In the
Bleak Midwinter'. Geoff Andrew finds out more.
22 LFF Special: Black and proud
After the murder of Malcolm X, the Black Panthers pounced.
Now, at last, Mario Van Peebles has committed their story
to celluloid. Brian Case rattles the cage of his memory.
24 White and loud
Al Jolson spent his life caricaturing blacks and belting out
songs with dodgy lyrics. Brian Conley's about to revive his
wicked ways in a new £2 million Edit Edit Production. Whatever
happens, it'll be all white on the night, says Brian Case.
26 The new 'Tube'
Jools Holland's 'Later' has matured into the finest TV pop
programme since 'The Tube'. Laura Lee Dawes lends her
ears and eyes to the guests on the first of the new series.

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