Time Out Magazine No 1328 Jan 31 Feb 7 1996 Spike Lee Trainspotting Ewan McGregor Athol Fugard

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Time Out Magazine No 1328 Jan 31 Feb 7 1996 Spike Lee Trainspotting Ewan McGregor Athol Fugard

Time Out No 1328 Jan 31 Feb 7 1996 

4 Love and death: Indo-Japanese dancer Shakti on the link. London Lives: 'Resting' actor Jim McKechnie. Dispatches: Chile, where the New Age nutters meet. Plus: Miranda Sawyer witnesses some arty window-dressing, celebrity toilet seats, and all the scurrilous scoops from Sidelines. Edited by James Christopher. 
January 31-February 7 
Cover Photograph Lorenzo Agius 

10 Occupying army: The Criminal Justice Act has failed to curb squatting. With homelessness rising, more people than ever are taking over empty houses. Peter Carty reports. Manifesto: Diane Taylor on the great education debate. Plus: Fast and Loose, and all the week's news. 

16 Cover Story `Trainspotting' We all know that heroin screws you up, but 'Trainspotting' is the first film to inject real excitement into drug abuse. From the set to the projection room, Tom Charity follows the wayward progress of the British film of the '90s. 20 Athol Fugard The South African playwright-actor-director has devoted all of his professional life to the struggle against apartheid. Now that the system's been abolished, is there anything left for him to write about? Matt Wolf finds out. 
22 Salma Hayek In Robert Rodriguez's 'Desperado', Mexican actress Selma Hayek smoulders her way on to the screen like a '30s celluloid temptress. David Eimer is very excited to meet her. 24 Spike Lee When Richard Price's cult novel 'Clockers' was bought for $2 million, Martin Scorsese was slated to direct. But then Spike Lee stepped on board, promising the 'hood movie to end all hood movies'. Tom Charity hails his best film yet. 

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