Time Out Magazine No 1333 1996 Mar 6-13 Cigarette adverts & Smoking Issues

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Time Out Magazine No 1333 1996 Mar 6-13 Cigarette adverts & Smoking Issues
Time Out MAGAZINE No 1333 1996 Cigarette adverts & Smoking Issues

March 6-13
4 Craic dealers: This year's Fleadh festival line-up. London Lives: Quaglino's cigarette girl, Sarah Procktor. Dispatches: Lighting up in smoke-free New York. Plus: Tobacco chewing. Miranda Sawyer mainlines trainspotting, plus juicy gossip from Sidelines. Edited by James Christopher.
10 All the week's news, plus Fast and Loose.
14 Cigarette adverts In the golden days of advertising, everyone from Reagan to doctors told us it was cool to smoke. Michele Martin sees an ad-man's dream turn to ashes.
18 Dear diary... Just how easy is it for a non-smoker to develop a tobacco habit? And how hard is it for an addict to kick it? For one week only, Andrew Tuck tried to start smoking, James Christopher tried to stop, and both of them kept diaries chronicling their experiences.
20 A real drag IVs rough to puff in London: Julian Kossoff reveals how smokers not only face a one in two chance of dying from their habit, but also discrimination in the workplace, while Andrew Mosby insists on breaking the law by lighting up. 24 Readers' poll Do you butt out every time you encounter disapproval? Or do you think smoking when pregnant should be a criminal offence? Elaine Paterson analyses the results of our specially commissioned readers' survey. 26 For and against Cigarettes, argues Brian Case, have been a catalyst in the development of the great arts of our century cinema and jazz. Steve Grant, on the other hand, believes smokers' lives to be a rollercoaster of denial and self-delusion.
28 Smuggling In Norway, fags are a fiver a pack; in France toddlers can puff away. Tony Thompson charts smoking the world over, and investigates the dangers of Britain's smuggling rackets.
8 days a week 33. Sell Out Cover story Smoking racket Andrew Tuck investigates the relationship between the rag trade and the fag trade. Plus, whether you want to give up or roll up for No Smoking Day, we've got everything you need: tips on quitting, with help from guru Allen Carr; and the best places to buy smoking paraphernalia. 39 Food & drink Caroline Stacey finds out whether London's restaurants and bars will ever become smokefree zones. 41 Shop talk Unearthing the treasures of Richmond's Paved Court, plus travel bargains and the latest consumer news. 44 International agenda Next week's highlights in the world's other cities.
46 This Week Paul Burston charts Marc Almond's 'Fantastic Star' (p99); Garry Mulholland previews Tupac's new album (p103): Jane Edwardes considers Trevor Nunn's suitability for running the National Theatre (p134). 46 Around Town/Visitors 50 Art 54 Books/Poetry 57 Children 58 Clubs 64 Comedy 69 Dance 71 Film 99 Gay 103 Music: Rock 125 Music: Places 126 Music: Classical/Opera 130 Politics 130 Sport/Mind & body 133 Student London 134 Theatre 145 Classifieds Ads to your life. 161 Time In Gossip, Aerial Views, Cinefile and all the week's highlights. 164 Day-by-day guide 178 Cable & Satellite 180 Video/Games/Techno 182 Radio 185 Offers Win tickets to the BAFTAs, the Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, 'Modern Problems in Science' and Puccini's 'Tosca'.
186 Last Word Letters and The Wimp.

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