Time Out Magazine No 1470 October 21-28 1998 Michael Moorcock Mind-blowing drugs issue!

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Time Out Magazine No 1470 October 21-28 1998 Michael Moorcock Mind-blowing drugs issue!
Time Out No 1470 October 21-28 1998

October 21-28 
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4 Crisp and dry: Comics take over Oxford Street. Stop this madness: Prescription Viagra. Plus: Star-spotting at Time Out's 30th bash, Andrew Mosby doesn't like Sundays, and Sidelines is to salacious gossip what Weetabix is to ice-cold creamy milk and soft brown sugar. Edited by Linton Chiswick. 

12 Bully for you Though it shows little violence, Michael Haneke's terrifying 'Funny Games', about a family held captive, still managed to provoke walk-outs at festivals. Geoff Andrew meets the maker of a very dark masterpiece. 14 Drugs special Drugs-u-like People take drugs at different times and for different reasons. Tony Thompson talks to clubbers, dealers and casual users, and divines some fascinating patterns of consumption. 16 Drugs special Mind the gap In a provocative essay, fantasy novelist Michael Moorcock argues for drugs as creative tools, but worries that today's chemical generation is more interested in self-promotion than self-discovery. Plus, Tanis Taylorprofiles drug gurus. 20 Drugs special Natural highs Tired of dodgy. overpriced ecstasy? Herbmeister Reg Castanedatel Is you where to find semi-legal alternatives like morning glory and peyote. Plus, The Shamen's Colin Angus explains the mysteries of shamanism. 25 Drugs special Sorted for Es and quiz Do you like to 'cane it' on a Saturday night? Do you have the 'munchies'? Do you buy mix tapes from Camden Market with fractals on the cover? Then it's official, says quizmaster Peter Paphides: you're a fully paid-up drugs bore. 

27 Sell Out Cover story Mind boggling If drugs are a no-no, how about expanding your consciousness with a spot of hypnotherapy? Or maybe shamanic trance dancing? TO's fearless guinea pigs put mind-altering activities to the test. 34 Shop talk Best buys, flu-busters and the sharpest snowboard shops. 39 Food Guy Dimond reviews new bars and restaurants, plus Peter Paphides gets out his pot and pans to cook up hash fudge and cannabis curry. 42 News All the capital's top stories, plus Fast & Loose and Martin Rowson. 44 This Week Sarah Kent fills in gaps at the Hayward's 'Addressing the Century' (p49); Dave Swindells wishes Blow-Up a happy fifth birthday (p65); and Ross Fortune salutes the Barbican's 'American Pioneers' festival (p119).  

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