Time Out Magazine No 987 1989 July 19-26 Daniel Day Lewis Bros The insiders Edinburgh

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Time Out Magazine No 987 1989 July 19-26 Daniel Day Lewis Bros The insiders Edinburgh
Time Out MAGAZINE No 987 1989 Daniel Day Lewis, Bros, The insiders Edinburgh
July 19-26 GUN LAW Five years ago, Danny Carey, though unarmed, was shot by police while robbing a London post office. Now he spends his days in a wheelchair. Last week his High Court action to sue the police for damages failed, leaving him feeling cheated and bitter. Nick Davies was given an exclusive interview. HIGH SOCIETY Mary Poppins wouldn't recognise the rooftops of London, now so often flat and 40 floors up, but she'd love the views therefrom. Geoff Brown quells the vertigo and samples some of London's greatest vistas and panoramas from highrise to hilltop. 16 TWO'S COMPANY The Goss twins are alone again. After a few months out of the limelight, and a painful and costly parting with the third Bros, they're ready, they say, to unveil a more mature image ... in album and concert. But first, Nick Coleman discovers, there's model aeroplanes and Yamaha tractor cycles to play with. 20 CALMER CHAMELEON Easily our most versatile young actor, Daniel Day Lewis has switched from stage to film, from gay wide-boy to frigid toff, from Czech philanderer to raving Hamlet, with deceptive ease. In fact, he tells John Morrish, each role carries a heavy burden of preparation, and none more so than his latest, as a wheelchair-bound writer with cerebral palsy. BAR WARS Everything in the beer garden is not rosy. The pub, that cherished temple to British bibendary arts, has become the scene of an unsightly brawl between big business and Westminster, which ended last week in a draw. Rick Jones assesses the brewing storm. 26 GREEN PAPERS Today newspaper's conspicuous and incongruous bid for Green-ness surrounding the European elections signalled the start of a battle among middle-market papers for a supposedly unaffiliated mass of ecologically concerned readers. Mark Edmonds wonders how many more trees they'll pulp in this Green war? 131 SELL OUT: EDINBURGH GUIDE This dignified and often beautiful city, built on confusion of hills, boasts an effete Georgian gentility ... except in August. Then the Edinburgh Festival, Britain's major international arts festival, casts a potent spell on the city, and it's suddenly all magic, electricity and excitement. Our insider's guide will lead you to the best of Edinburgh, in or out of the Festival. OFFERS Cut-price LIFT tickets; free Shock Around The Clock tickets: cheap dress hire. This Week The next eight days in pictures. 4 News Plus Sidelines and Laurence Olivier 9 Preview London's New Jazz Radio29 The week ahead in: Music 30 Cabaret 33 Books 35 Art 39 Film 41 Dance 44 Theatre 45 Sport 48 TV & Broadcast Opinion 49 Broadcast News 50 TV Selections 52 TV Films 54 Sell Out Edinburgh 131 News 143 Offers 145 The cheap and the free Last Word 146 Letters and The Wimp Around Town 57 Art 59 Cabaret 61 Children 64 Dance 65 Film 67 Gay 85 Music Rock 88 Music Classical 100 Nightlife 102 Poetry 105 Politics 105 Sport 106 Theatre 107 TV & Broadcast 49 Classified 116 Cover design: Anamaria Stanley Photography: Alistair Morrison

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