Time Out Magazine No 991 1989 August 16-23 B-52's Slaves Of New York Football transfers

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Time Out Magazine No 991 1989 August 16-23 B-52's Slaves Of New York Football transfers
Time Out MAGAZINE No 991 1989 B-52's Slaves Of New York Football transfers ....Contents as follows.
It's been a rough few years for the Notting Hill Carnival. Now, out of the ashes of
the old organising Carnival Arts Committee has risen the Carnival Enterprise Co
Ltd, committed to commercialising Europe's largest street festival. But there's still a
bitter power struggle in the streets of Wll. Sarah Baxter investigates.
Soon to return to London after many years' absence, and the death of musical
mentor Ricky Wilson, the B-52's have abandoned beehives, returned to their
Southern roots, and discovered ecological issues. A l i x Sharkey met them in
Connecticut on a brief visit to Planet Earth.
Steve Soderbergh's'sex, lies and
videotape' is a steamy screen confessional which plumbs the
emotional dishonesty between the
sexes ... and made its director
youngest winner ever of Cannes' Palme D'Or. Richard G ui lliatt tracked
Hollywood's hottest new property to his
home-town Virginia hideaway.
A thousand limp willies are featured in Jo Menell's 15-minute film short 'Dick',
along with the voices, views and reactions of 100 British and American women.
Sophy Kershaw sees how the film stands up. .. and mines this rich vein of doubles
Nudity, cream cakes and bondage are what Sydney Front, Oz's premiere Fringe
theatre troupe, will be serving audiences at the Riverside this week in 'The
Pornography of Performance'. Andrew Urban and John Morrish show what's on the
menu, while Steve Grant recalls the theatrical trailblazers who didn't mind getting
their bits out in public.
With Private Eye crippled by libel damages and The Sun's editor grovelling
publicly over its Hillsborough coverage, lying seems to be getting a bad press.
Brian Case looks at porkies past and present, public and personal.
Nasties are out as the video magnates seek to consolidate after the goldrush of the
early '80s. Where they once profitably cleaned up, they're now piously cleaning up,
as challenges from satellite and government force them to set their house in order.
Peter Dean fast-forwards to the future.
The Football League season starts this Saturday, and the team you'll be watching
will almost certainly have at least one new face, as well as new boots and panties.
Geoff Brown investigates the art of making transfers stick, and who buys whom.
Merchant-Ivory's film adaptation of
Tama Janowitz's 'Slaves Of New York' packs some optical wizardry and
stunning shots of the megapolis. But the spice and zest of the original are
lacking. Mark Sanderson talks to the decorous duo about the taming of Tama.
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