Time Out Magazine No 996 1989 September 20-27 Jimi Hendrix Betty Wright ICS music week

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Time Out Magazine No 996 1989 September 20-27 Jimi Hendrix Betty Wright ICS music week
Time Out MAGAZINE No 996 1989 Jimi Hendrix Betty Wright ICS music week
September 20 - 27 MY UNFAIR LADY This month. Westminster Council's former housing chair Patricia Kirwan resigned in protest at Lady Porter's 'dictatorial' behaviour. Here she gives an insider's view of the Lady's controversial style of leadership during her six-year reign. SOUND OF THE TIMES Given a free hand, a wedge of used fivers, a stage at the ICA for a week and an acutely hip musical sensibility. Time Out has cruised the cutting edge to bring you 11 class acts: the old, the new, the blue, the truth and soul singer supreme, Betty Wright, interviewed by Nick Coleman. TROPICAL STORM With a budget of only £650,000 and some opposition to a mainly female crew, the reality of filming C4's 'Women in Tropical Places' is proving less glamorous than the title. Elaine Paterson joined them on location in sunny Newcastle. JIMI RIDDLE On the eve of a 'South Bank Show' special on Jimi Hendrix, Charles Slwar Murray investigates rock's greatest paradox: the violent pacifist, the individualist hungering for acceptance, the black pioneer colonised by whites, rootless yet trapped by his own legend. GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE That disembodied voice wishing you goodnight may not be as relaxed as it seems. Continuity announcers not only have to smooth over technical hitches, they have to time their patter to the split-second and provide the Public Image reassuringly crusty for the Beeb, young and anarchic for C4 of their station. Mark Sanderson runs with the heard. ACTION STATION Sky News, Britain's first 24-hour news channel, was lampooned pre-launch as a trough for Sun reporters and a Murdoch Jae de grandeur. Alkatim Jivani spent 24 hours in orbit, and found this part of the satellite at least in ship-shape condition. DOUGH NUTS As pizza establishes itself as the ultimate home-delivered food, the street war between the rival dough depots hots up. Andrew Tuck joined their mobile battalions for a night speeding slices around town. PRIZE FIGHTERS Twenty-one years old this year but still inspiring the squabbling of toddlers, the Booker Prize has been described by Anthony Burgess as 'a little prize for little people', by Salman Rushdie as 'judged by ex-Cabinet ministers and topless models', by Julie Burchill as 'the Hooker Prize'. Maria Lexton adjudicates. 139 SELL OUT: TAKE-AWAY GUIDE It's closing time, you want food now, you want it right here at the bus-stop. Or you're heading home from work, knackered, can't even face opening a can. What you need's a take-away. What you don't need is food poisoning. Caroline Stacey gives you an area by area guide to our favourite grub to go, from burgers to blinis, curried goat to crab claws. OFFERS Win a trip to Hollywood plus free film tickets in our Jim Beam Cult Film Buff competition. This Week The next eight days in pictures. News 9 Plus Sidelines and Duncan Campbell & AIDS Preview The Booker Prize 29 The week ahead in: Books 36 Art 34 Music 39 Film 30 Theatre 45 Sport 32 TV & Broadcast Opinion 49 Broadcast News 50 TV Selections 52 TV Films 54 Sell Out Take Away 139 Offers 153 The cheap and the free Last Word 154 Letters and The Wimp Around Town 59 Art 62 Cabaret 64 Children 67 Dance 68 Film 70 Gay 93 Music Rock 96 Music Classical 108 Nightlife 109 Poetry 112 Politics 113 Sport 113 Theatre 115 TV & Broadcast 49 Classified 123 Cover design: Simon Gunn Illustration: Marc Arundale Photography: Visuel 7

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