Time Out Magazine October 8-14, 1971 Velvet Underground Heathcote Williams Bo Widerberg John Lennon

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Time Out Magazine October 8-14, 1971 Velvet Underground Heathcote Williams Bo Widerberg John Lennon
Time Out London Magazine No 86 Oct 8-14, 1971

News 4 Features: Velvet Underground 3pp  20 Heathcote Williams: AC/DC 2pp  34 Bo Widerberg 2pp  52 Music: Reviews  includes a review of Imagine LP with pics of John Lennon and Yoko Ono 18 Diary  25 Places  29 Theatre: News & Reviews   37 West End Theatre  38 Fringe.   40 Drag   43 Opera  43 Dance  43 Film: News & Reviews   50 A-Z Index   55 West End Cinemas  56 Locals.   58 Late Night   62 Clubs  63 NFT   64 Voyeur Agitprop    64 33 Children  11 Odds   11 `Letters   11 Exhibitions  12 Poetry   13   15 Food  16 Lectures  16 Environment-17 Sell Out   44 TV & Rai): Selections   45 News  49 Classified Ads   66 

This Week 

Rare chance to see two of yesterday's cultural heroes W.H. Auden and Stephen Spender at the ICA on Friday. Another good commercial show from the Institute of Con-temporary Arts? You can also see Hypnosis demonstrated on Monday. 

Two benefits for Ian and Jake on Friday (with plays and films) and Saturday (with groups) at the N. London Poly. 'Growing Up' gets a showing on Sun and there's an Angela Davis meeting on Wed. 

Things are beginning to move again for the autumn. See the column for workshops and readings. There's a free event on Sunday at Southwark Cathedral with readings from an anthology on the treatment of insanity in modern literature. 

The Art Spectrum London meeting at the ICA on Fri Oct 8th could prove interesting and with luck might provoke some discussion about the general crap that gets served up today under the disguise of 'art'. 

'Robert Vas' controversial TV analy-sis of the 1943 Katyn Massacre. . The Issue Should Be Avoided' will be repeated on Wednesday at 9.20 on BBC1. The first showing (on BBC2 last April) was compelling television. Dennis Potter, Fay Weldon, and James Mitchell, three of TV's best playwrights, all have plays on TV this 
week. Dennis Potter's 'Traitor' is a topical and brilliant account of a defector's idea of patriotism; the others initiate new TV series. London Weekend are showing Howard Hawks"Rio Bravo' on Saturday night and 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' on Sunday, night. 

In the West End, Osborne's 'West of Suez' closes at the Cambridge and Adrian Mitchell's `Tyger' re-opens at the New. Last chance to catch 'The National Interest', a political review on the modern scene which is playing late night at the Little Theatre Club after daytime pefformances down at the Brighton conference. Finishes on Sunday. Two openings that should prove interest-ing. '1789' at the Roundhouse — see next week's feature; a revival of Heathcote Williams' AC/DC at the Theatre Upstairs, but read what the author has to say on this week's middle pages. 

Apart from the Velvet Underground, whose dates follow the feature on them, and who are certainly worth a visit whatever unlikely combination of people has found its way across here, you might try Yes at the Festival Hall on Friday which is the same night Sandy Denny is at NE Poly; either of the Calmed Heat concerts; the McCarthy family/Jan and Jake benefit at N.Poly on Saturday; either of the benefits on Sunday; the Everly Brothers at the Albert Hall on Tuesday and Centipede at the same place on Thursday.i)orit it jest Leaveyou breathless? Worth remembering on the jazz scene is that most of the colleges running clubs are now back in business (or as near to business as a jazz club, which very rarely sees actual money, can get) Bedford College puts on Nucleus on Saturday, Goldsmith's has Brotherhood of Breath on Tuesday, and the Northern Polytechnic presents Ray Russell (who is about to release an album on RCA) on Wednesday. The electronic music group Intermodulation puts on a rare concert at the ICA on Thursday. 

With Bunuel's `Tristan' (Academy), Bergman's 'The Touch' (Prince Charles) and Nick Roeg's 'Walkabout' (Rialto) the West End begins to look a bit more interesting. Just time too to catch the last few days of the Chinese Films at the Baker Street Classic (to Sunday). 'Scorpio Rising' '(Kenneth Anger) and 'Flesh' (Warhol) in a double bill at the Times gives one a chance to catch two underground classics made good. Local cinemas offer a blanket bleakness circuit-wise but relief is at hand in odd spots like Hampstead with Brook's `Marat Sade', his 'Lear' at E. Finchley, Antonioni's Notte at Kentish Town. Late films offer Godard's superb 'Pierrot Le Fou' (Roundhouse); 'Memories of Underdevelopment' (Kentish Town), two showing of Kurosawa's finest samouri drama 'Sanjuro' gets two airings (Thur at Paris Pullman; Sat at Islington). If you still haven't seen Shaffner's 'The War Lord' with Charlton Heston, don't miss it late at Notting Hill until Sat. Clubwise there's a chance to see Godard's 'Contempt' (Twickenham) and 'King Kong' from those over-looked masters of American Ex, pressionism Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Scheodsack (NFT from 11 pm). Eisenstein's 'Ivan The 

Terrible' Parts 1 and 2 show at the Electric Cinema Club. The NFT has a series devoted to the Hammer Horror pix with a world premiere of their latest saga 'Blood From The Mummy's Tomb'. Try RCA films by their students on Wed to get a glimpse of what the film schools are doing and remember that these people ought to be the very best. 

Stop Press 
Poetry Better Books, 136 Charing Cross Rd, 836 1885. A new series of readings starting on Thursday Oct 7 at 8 pm. Eric Mottram reads. Admission 15p, door open at 7.45. Theatre Fri: Allnighter at the LSE (see Music Diary) has Incubus Theatre Company in 'PQUMKWAT', not TOC as advertised. Music Tickets for the Who concerts (see coming Events) go on sale on Saturday (9th) at 11 ant, price 50p, 75p,£1,£1.50. The Freeman Syndicate Fun Club (which is a folk club) reopens on Friday at the George & Dragon, Uxbridge Rd, Southall, with Country Jug. Cinema Essoldos from Sunday. Chelsea: 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' + 

`Terminus' (early Schlesinger short) (inc late Sat 11.30). Shepherds Bush: 'Love Story'. Maids Vale: 'Diary of a Mad Ilousewife' (inc late Sat 11.00). Plaza: 'The Deserter'. Progs 2.45 (not Sun), 4.40, 6.45, 8.50. Late Sat 11.30. New Victoria continues with 'Hands Of The Ripper' and Twins Of Evil' from 7th. Times Cinema programme change. From Thurs 7th: 'Summer Of '42' (X) (Robert Mulligan, 1970, US) + 2 Road-runner cartoons. Baker St Classic. Times for `Barbarella' 12.40 (not Sun), 2.40, 4.45, 6.50, 8.55. Cameo Poly '2201' confirmed from Thurs. The International Film Club (Mems 15p, others 20p. M'ship 25p) is showing King Vidor's 'Hallelujah' in the Main Lecture Theatre, Kings-ton Poly, Penrhyn Road on Monday at 6.30. Private Road: Notting Hill Gaumont. Last house is 10.00 'Agitprop Sunday, 10th October Portuguese meeting for Portuguese people: promoted by Portuguese Socialist Action (ASP) at NUFTO Hall, 14 Jockey's Fields, WCI, 3.00 pm to commemorate the Revolution of 5th October, 1910. Exhibitions Mark Glazebrook, director, White-chapel Gallery, resigned his post at the weekend, following a trustees' decision to meet without him. 

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