Trouser Press Magazine January 1980 remembering the 1970s

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Trouser Press Magazine January 1980 remembering the 1970s

Trouser Press No. 46 January 1980 Volume Six, Number Twelve

the 1970s 
2 '70s TIME CAPSULE TP picks the LPs worth saving from 1970-1978 
4 BEST OF 1979 The Top Ten albums of the year 
5 GREEN CIRCLES The best singles of the year; by Jim Green 
6 '70s SURVEY RESULTS Famous folks recall the decade past 
9 '70s DEATHS A coffin full of the dearly departed 
10 STATE OF THE ART A historical view at the music of the '70s; by Ira Robbins 
14 STATE OF THE BUSINESS An insider's look at the record industry; by Leo Sacks 
16 LP REVIEWS Some albums we missed the first time 
22 AMERICA UNDERGROUND Some local lads who've made good; by Jim Green 
25 HELLO IT'S ME More grumblings from our loyal(?) readers 

The 1980's
NEXT DECADE'S NEWS 15 Some items we'd like to see in the '80s 
'80s SURVEY RESULTS 14 Same folks; different question 
MUSIC OF THE FUTURE 9 The sound of things to come; by Scott Isler 
BANDS TO WATCH 4 Who's on the Up elevator? 
TIME TUNNEL 2 The aging faces of rock's elite corps 

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Trouser Press was a rock music magazine started in New York in 1974. As the 1970s music scene transformed, so did the magazine's editorial focus. From 1976 on, Trouser Press frequently centered on the growing punk movements in London and New York. Trouser Press provided in-depth articles on bands like the Sex Pistols, Boomtown Rats, The The Clash, The The Damned, The Ramones, Television, Blondie and many other similar groups, long before other U.S. music publications did. It continued through the early 1980s focusing almost exclusively on new wave, alternative rock, and underground rock from both sides of the Atlantic until it ceased publication after the April 1984 issue (#96)

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